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Saturday, 26 November 2011

COOLABAH - Journal of the Australian Studies Centre at UB

COOLABAH is a peer-reviewed, open access electronic journal published at least once a year. There are, however, guest edited monographic numbers that appear throughout the year. COOLABAH is the electronic journal of the paper edition journal formerly called EUCALYPT.

It is aimed at an academic audience ant the interested general reader.

COOLABAH is the official journal of the Centre d'Estudis Australians - The Australian Studies Centre at the Universitat de Barcelona. The aim of the journal is to become an international forum for original research in the field of Australian Studies and to be totally interdisciplinary in its content. As a result of the aim to become a forum for research papers, there is also an open access discussion forum attached to it though the Editorial Board take no responsability for the contributions sent to the forum.